Hidden Treasures for Sale

The Museum’s last letterpress sale of the year is now past. But there are still some items that we have found in the attic. You will have to pick the item up at the Museum, but some of these items may appeal to you. And you can then visit our beautiful store with great gifts for someone you love.

3-hole punch

A 3-hole punch with long handle for leverage. $25.00

book press

This book press is a must have for bookbinding and all your pressing needs, including wildflowers. $275.00

A Rouse lead and slug cutter in very nice shape. $75.00

This fully-stocked furniture cabinet contains all standard sizes and lengths, but only takes up 10×10.5 inches of space. Two available. $125.00

This double furniture case gives you twice the furniture but saves some space by leaving out the dividers. $225.00

proof press

This Golding proof press is rare and handy for quick prints. $500.00

A Hamilton California type cabinet with a complete set of drawers. Pulls are all Hamilton, but two different styles. $475.00

This 2/3 type cabinet is missing one drawer and has one mis-matched handle, but has lots of charm. $375.00

This is a double font. Lots of glyphs. 30 pt 20th Century $99.00

This is a double font. Lots of glyphs. 36pt Deepdene Italic $99.00

This is a double font. Lots of glyphs. Mystery fonts. Figure them out and get a discount. $99.00

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