The Last Letterpress Sale of the Year

Saturday November 18

pica ruler

The fall Letterpress sale has always been popular, but many of you remarked you were busy with family over the Thanksgiving weekend — so we are holding it the week before — November 18th, 10 am to 3 pm.

Everything letterpress — wood and metal fonts, orphans, decorations, cuts, sorts, quoins, keys, sorts, leading, galleys, sticks, type cases, furniture, ink — on sale including:

  • New equipment to be announced shortly.
  • Lots of new (old) cuts, fonts and miscellaneous items from recent shop donations. Some necessary, some useful, some just nice to look at, while others collectible.
  • Challenge type high gauge, a 6 to 9 inch expansion quoin and six pieces of metal furniture for locking up a form on the bed of your press (see picture).
  • 19″ Golding Pearl lever handle paper cutter as in the accompanying historical sales page in the picture.

metal furniturePearl Paper Cutter ad

Information freely dispensed.

Members receive a 10% discount. You can join at door or right here.

Contact us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

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