QWERTY Festival – A Celebration of the Typewriter!

Save the date to celebrate all things typewriter at The QWERTY Festival, Saturday, August 11, 2018, from 10am to 4pm, at The Museum of Printing.

QWERTY Festival – A Celebration of the Typewriter, Aug. 11, 2018

  • Presentations on typewriter history, maintenance, and applications.
  • Participate in workshops on typewriter adjustment and repair.
  • Learn who actually invented the typewriter (it was not Mr. Remington).
  • Peruse 20 tables of typewriter repair services, typewriter suppliers, and typewriter-related publications and products.
  • Buy a typewriter for someone you love.
  • See the exhibit of over 40 of the Museum’s typewriters, many specialty typewriters.
  • Learn about “cold type” proportional-type typewriters such as the Varityper, Justowriter, and IBM Composer.
  • See rare office machines, from the very first Mimeograph to Gestetner and Ditto, and more.
  • View demonstrations of the Linotype machine which was invented because of the typewriter.
  • Cast your name in hot metal, then print your certificate naming you a genuine “slugcaster.”
  • Type on a vintage Royal manual typewriter with more fingers than just your thumbs.
  • Celebrate the 40th year of The Museum of Printing, a Massachusetts non-profit that preserves the rich history of the printed word.Table exhibitors $120 each, limited to 20 exhibitors.

For more information email us at: Enable JavaScript to view protected content, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Hampton Inn, Haverhill, MA is 4 minutes away, a refurnished Best Western is 3 minutes away.

The Museum is located at 15 Thornton Ave., Haverhill, MA. Haverhill is pronounced HAY-VRILL.

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